Aug. 14th, 2009

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I was going to post something earlier today but needed to wait to get permission. Now that I have it, here goes. I'm sure [ profile] omimouse will have a more detailed post up later once they're home, but these are the highlights from what she and Louis have told me.

First, I need to explain the people involved as they're a polyamorous group, which makes it more difficult than "husband" and "ex-wife." [ profile] warinbear and [ profile] catchild used to be married but were divorced a few years ago. [ profile] omimouse is involved with both [ profile] warinbear and [ profile] louisadkins. [ profile] ebonunicorn is [ profile] catchild's new husband and partner of several years. There are three children involved: Bearcub, Puppy, and Pooka, listed by age. The eldest two are [ profile] warinbear's; the youngest is [ profile] ebonunicorn. They lived together at one point but Warin, Louis, and Naomi separated a few years back from Catchild and Ebon (whose name is on record as Paul Alexander Montgomery the Third, but I will refer to as Ebon for simplicity, and the fact that I hate he shares a name with my boyfriend).

A bit over a year ago, Bearcub confided in Louis and Naomi (who might as well also be her parents) that Ebon raped her from the time that she was 9 to when she turned 11. At that point, she demanded he stop, and he did -- but not without continuing to harass and express interest. This was reported to the police immediately, and DCS got involved.

Might be triggering... but read... please read... )

ETA: News article on the trial here. Also, Omimouse's entry.


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