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So, I was speaking with Paul yesterday and got an update on the situation with the kittens. If you have missed it, here is the previous update, and here the long version of the situation.

To summarize, Buddy was seen for his anxiety and prescribed medication. It was also discovered that he had tapeworms and a UTI, which he has been treated for.

Paul says the medications have been helping very much, which is awesome. Buddy has been much more cheerful and friendly; he's ventured out from Paul's room, even past the big dog that Paul's housemates own. As far as the litter box, he is using it! Sorta. He still does not like litter, of which Paul is in the process of trying different types, but he is no longer freaking out at the presence of the box, and he is using the box with an old towel in it. It's not ideal, but it's a step in the right direction, and it's better than finding cat pee and poop everywhere else!

However, there is still an issue and that is also part of why I'm posting this.

Because of the tapeworms, Buddy's sister, Girlie, needed to be seen by the vet and treated herself. Between Girlie's visit, her medications, Buddy's medications, and purchasing different styles of litterboxes and litter to try... there is no more money left.

This is a problem because Buddy needs a follow-up on the UTI. They need to make sure that it is actually gone, and not something else that may require a special diet or other treatments. The vet visit is $50 flat plus whatever tests they have to do. Paul's monthly income is $197/mo through a state program. He is still waiting to hear back the decision of his disability hearing, and that could still take months.

So I am asking once again, if anyone has a spare buck or two, to please toss it in the hat. Paul's PayPal is p.a.pierce@gmail.com. I know money is tight for a lot of people, so if you're not able to do that, I would ask that you please boost the signal. I love these kitties dearly and worry so much about their health. I know that Paul is dedicated to making sure they get the care they need, but it's really hard when you're on such a limited budget.

I do not have the spoons to write a short version for copypasta; if someone is willing/able to do so in the comments, I will edit the post with it. Thank you all so very much. <3

Edit: Short version as provided by [personal profile] naamah_darling, who is made of awesome and win!

Buddy is a service kitty for Paul, a disabled person who is still waiting for the final decision of his disability hearing. Previous update. Full story, long version. Buddy's had problems with the litter box, and with serious anxiety/panic attacks lately, and was diagnosed with a UTI.

Good news: People have been super-generous, and that's awesome! Major steps have been made and things are going really well. Buddy is doing better now that he's got anxiety meds, and is learning to get along with the litter box again! He and his sister, Girlie, were both taken to the vet and wormed. Yay! Buddy's UTI appears to be improving, too! LOOK AT WHAT YOU PEOPLE DID! It's awesome!

Meh news: Between the vet visits, tests, worming for two cats, meds, and trying different kinds of litter/boxes to see what makes Buddy feel safe, funds are depleted. Buddy needs a follow-up with the vet to check on the UTI. If his litter issues are to be resolved, they gotta be sure they found the source, which means being sure they got the UTI fixed! That appointment will be $50, plus whatever they'll charge for the tests that need to be done.

How you can help: Reposting this, and linking it around, would be great. Also, donations. Paul's PayPal is p.a.pierce@gmail.com. This is a case where just a little money can make a big difference in the quality of life for a disabled dude and his loyal service kitty.
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This is Ash, better known as Buddy, being held by [personal profile] elialshadowpine. Buddy is an anxious cat who has panic attacks. One of his triggers is the litter box. He can't use them. Therefore, he urinates and defecates elsewhere. This is creating problems, as can be expected, in his person's living situation. His person, Paul, lives on $200 a month in an apartment with two other people. Buddy is Paul's service animal; he's done things like bring Paul his bag of medication. Buddy is also tightly bonded to his sister, Girlie, and they cannot be separated. Paul can't afford to take Buddy to a vet, get him diagnosed as anxious, and started on medication to try to work on the litterbox issue without help. Because of his income, he doesn't qualify for Care Credit, and most vets don't do payment plans. If you can donate, Paul's PayPal account is p.a.pierce@gmail.com. If you want more information on the situation, [personal profile] elialshadowpine has a post about it.
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So, the local salon I go to had a 20% off sale for anything done as a celebration for the snowstorm from hell being over. Since I had been meaning to get my hair done anyway, I went ahead and did it. My hair was supposed to come out fire engine red, which it did not, but my hair does weird things with color, and I love this color anyway so it's not a huge deal.


Also: Bonus picture of husband-creature, who finally got around to dying his hair blue like he has been wanting for the past ten years or so. Woot!

Drake helped me out with the photos, which were taken on his Motorola Xoom tablet. I'm rather impressed, as they grabbed better pictures than my camera (which is admittedly ancient) and also, he managed to get the pictures at the exact angle I like. I've had very skilled photographers not be able to do this correctly. Also, I normally get 1-2 usable pictures out of a batch, and I have about a dozen here.

I don't think he has realized how dangerous this is, because now every time I want to do pictures, I will be yoinking him. >_>



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