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2016-05-01 09:44 pm

[unfiltered] Trans woman needs temporary housing in Boulder/Denver ASAP

My friend "Kit" is a trans woman in dire need of temporary housing. She is recovering from complications of major surgery, along with a "surprise" blood clot. Just as she got back on her feet, she was let go in a round of company lay-offs earlier this month.

Kit has to be out of her current residence by May 9th. She has a rental lined up to move into June 1st, but she has nowhere else to go during the time between. As a trans woman, options like homeless shelters are extremely dangerous and not an option.

This is why I'm asking for help. Kit needs a queer/trans-friendly place to crash between May 9th and June 1st. She has money to cover food for herself and other personal necessities during her stay.

Other things of note: Kit has no pets and is severely allergic to cats. She is also allergic to cigarette smoke, which causes breathing issues and migraines -- but, she's noticed she's okay if people smoke outside. She's 420-friendly.

Kit has no special requirements when it comes to sleeping arrangements; she's fine with a bed, a couch, or even a sleeping bag on the floor. The WiFi password so she can job hunt on her laptop would be great, too. ;)

Kit lives in the Denver/Boulder/Longmont area.

If anybody is able to assist with space for her to get on her feet again, please contact Kit at helpkitnow@gmail.com.

Thanks all! Please signal boost!
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2015-06-24 05:40 pm

[Signal Boost] Disabled genderqueer friend in need of assistance!

I'm re-posting this from [personal profile] stormerider, who is, yes, my ex, but we're on good terms. We are not in a good position to help overly much financially, unfortunately. I just applied for SNAP, and was able to get on that immediately, but I need some more information for the state disability cash benefits, so I am teh brokez. If you can toss a few bucks their way, awesome, if not, please boost the signal! Thank you, lovelies! <3

From [personal profile] stormerider @ Dreamwidth:

Permission to share granted (and welcomed!):


About me: I'm a 30ish disabled (severe arthritis, I'm on Cimzia amongst other meds) genderqueer sysadmin in the Olympia area.

So over the last few months, I broke up with my wife, and ended up moving out of the house that we were renting (from her in-laws). Nothing major, just the usual moving stress and breakup stress. We get along well.

I moved into a new apartment in downtown Olympia with my roommate Boo, who is going to college at nearby SPSCC. The commute from the new apartment to the college is negligible at best.

Fast forward a bit; I ended up losing my job through some boneheaded mistakes of my own. While I'm not trying to excuse the mistakes I made, I have a feeling that the medication I was on for the dental surgery (I had all my remaining top teeth yanked and replaced with a denture) and the medical marijuana I've been smoking for my arthritis pain helped contribute to that... lowering inhibitions and helping me forget key details I should have kept in mind, especially with the emotional rollercoaster I was on. It's still my responsibility the way things turned out, but there are reasons, even if they aren't excuses.

I'm going to be relocating, and living with a lovely transwoman. However, I still haven't gotten stuff from my old employer like my termination paperwork (which means no SNAP/food stamps until that comes through) and shipping containers so I can mail back the company property that I have (laptop, desk phone, mobile phone, router).

The new apartment also includes a $500 pet deposit (on top of a $300 roommate deposit), and I really can't function without my support kitty Ras. (She's not legally a therapy pet, but serves as one in many ways for me.) Any assistance with that would be greatly appreciated, further assistance will help me with a bigger buffer while I wait on SNAP and look for jobs and keep paying for my medications.
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2014-07-24 02:21 am

[unfiltered] Home needed for elderly dog in Western Washington; urgent

My girlfriend Omi is in need of a new home for her 16 year old (as far as we can guess; she is at least that old, perhaps older) Aussie Shepard, Sadie. She does not wish to rehome Sadie, but we are faced with very few options. At this point, she has had to make the very difficult decision that she can no longer adequately care for Sadie due to disability. We live in the Olympia, WA, area.

Sadie is a lovely dog. She is friendly, easy to get along with, she's awesome with children, no issues with cats, or other animals. She will growl if cats or other animals try to steal her food, but she has never bitten or snapped at the animals, or people.

Here is the problem. She's getting older, and at this point she has a three hour bladder, almost like clockwork. She has always been an indoor dog, and is utterly terrified of the outdoors. We have set up a dog run and despite our best efforts, she has managed to tangle herself in the line regularly. She will do this until someone comes out to untangle her, but upon someone going inside, she will immediately re-tangle herself. She is also Houdini dog and will wiggle out of her harness regularly and try to bury under fences. She must be an indoor dog..

She is also going on a hunger strike. She is scattering her food and refusing to eat. The apartment that Omi and her family have been able to find does not allow dogs, and my rental home does not allow indoor dogs. Even if we could have Sadie indoors, most of our household is disabled and on vacillating sleep schedules. It is simply not possible to arrange to walk her every three hours (or less; it has crept up to every hour at points), especially now that she is not signaling when she needs to be walked.

More minor issues are that she is arthritic, although she does not seem to be in pain. She is deaf in some ranges, but not completely. Prior to Omi and family adopting her, she was raised by a household that did not care for her. This has resulted in a few things, such as she is triggered by men in plaid shirts and baseball caps. She was never properly trained, and by the time Omi adopted her at age five, no amount of training was successful.

Unfortunately, nearly everyone in the household is disabled with chronic pain at this point, with the exception of those who are working and thus do not have time to walk a dog on a three hour schedule. It is simply not possible to give her the care that she needs, as much as we want to. This is not a decision that has been made lightly. She is very loved, and this is breaking my girlfriend's heart, but it is the best for Sadie.

She is very sweet, lovable, and kind. She likes to tuck people in at night, and she protects those she loves. With her age and arthritis, she is not very active, but she is very loving. She is an amazing dog who just needs people who are physically able to meet her needs. There is a video of her here, if you would like to see what she's like.

Again, we are in Olympia, WA. We are willing to drive her to Seattle or Portland (or another city of similar distance, but 2hrs is about the max based on health issues). If anyone is interested, please contact Omi at omimouse@hotmail.com, and please CC her husband Louis at louis.adkins@hotmail.com.

Please re-post and boost the signal if you can. Thank you so much!
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2014-03-25 02:44 am

[unfiltered] Signal boost -- Rheumatologist, Neurologist, Psychiatrist needed in Seattle

Emma has a place to stay! Yay! We will be helping her move in next week. However, we have another issue that we need help with, so if folks can signal boost this, I'd very much appreciate it.

The short version:

Does anybody have recommendations for neurologists and rheumatologists in the Seattle area who are willing to work with complicated cases? Also, does anybody know of a low cost psychiatrist specializing in anxiety disorders and bipolar disorder? My friend is in the process of getting insurance through the ACA, but she needs a prescribing doctor immediately, and I can pay up to $100 per session. Please email any recommendations to mistressnonny@gmail.com. Thank you very much for your help!

(Of course, if you are reading this here at my LJ, recommendations in comments are perfectly fine! The e-mail is mainly for signal boosts elsewhere, since I'll be posting this on Tumblr as well. :)
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2014-03-08 01:44 pm

[unfiltered] Effexor Recall -- IMPORTANT

Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] ashbet at Effexor Recall (public, shareable)
FYI -- please share this around. I know a lot of people who have taken or are taking Effexor, so this is really important.


#effexor #effexorrecall
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2014-03-02 03:50 pm

[signal boost] Trans woman in need of housing in Western Washington

The short version for signal boosts:

Emma, a trans woman I would describe as an adorable pink-haired geeky queer music nerd, best served with tea, is in desperate need of housing. She just lost her chance out of her abusive family's home. She needs a temporary home, 3-6mo, and while rent-free would be awesome, she can offer $250/mo rent. She is in Western Washington (Seattle-Olympia), and the clock is ticking. Due to our rental agreement, we can't have her past the end of March. If there are any folks in Western Washington who would have space for a lovely trans woman and her computer, please contact epeternally@gmail.com. Signal boosts welcome and requested.

The long version:

A very good friend of mine, Emma, came to visit us, originally to clear out the storage unit her parents have been paying for in order to pack and mail her stuff back east. Her home life is abusive, and her gf whom she was hoping to move in with broke up with her over IM a few days ago. That gf was her hope of moving out of her abusive family's home, and that's now gone. Going back to her family would possibly kill her.

About Emma: An adorable pink-haired geeky queer polyamorous music nerd and gamer girl abuse survivor with chronic pain and mental illness, best served with tea.

She used to live in the WA area, and has supportive trans friends here, but so far the best offer has been a $500/mo room, and she's disabled. She *maybe* could work but it would be iffy at best, and she doesn't trust that her pain condition would allow her to maintain reliable attendance. So, she's looking for other options.

Her ex-gf is offering to pay her $250/mo for living expenses. Needless to say, this is not enough to afford housing. She doesn't have much time, because due to our rental situation, we can't have her here past the end of the month. I am located in Olympia, WA, but anywhere in Western WA would be good. A friend of a friend who is a trans activist in the area (Lonness, who runs a house for trans people in bad situations, except their housing is full atm) suggested getting involved in the local trans groups, but we don't really have time for that, esp if they are in-person groups.

Emma does not have an official diagnosis for her chronic pain condition, so applying for SSI would not help right now. We're hoping to be able to get her on state disability, medical, and food stamps (which is just under $200 for the disability stipend, and just under $200 for food stamps, on top of what her ex is giving), so she can seek out a diagnosis and then either get treatment that helps, or apply for SSI disability if it doesn't. She would not be requiring anyone to pay her way as far as food and living expenses; also, she is willing to help out with household chores, with the caveat of bad pain days. She just needs a place to sleep and set up her computer, in a trans friendly environment.

So, my question: Is there anybody who would be willing to take in a trans woman in a nasty situation? Or, does anyone know of someone who would? Ideally, rent-free would be best, but she is willing to pay the $250 for rent. Once she is on state disability (which is significantly easier to get than SSI), her income would be just under $200, but if that is an issue I can cover the extra $53.

This is not an indefinite situation; she needs somewhere between 3-6mo for Lonness and her network (and for Emma to network herself with the trans community) to find her another option. But as we cannot have her here past the end of the month, this needs to happen soon. Any options? Please feel free to re-post this in any relevant communities, Twitter, Facebook, LiveJournal, wherever you think you would reach possible people to help.

Emma's email: epeternally@gmail.com
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2014-02-26 08:27 pm

[Signal Boost] The Shadow Princess

Naamah is one of my dearest friends, and this is how she and her husband make their way -- writing books. I can't say I read very much erotica at this point, but I sure as hell will read theirs because they are awesome stories. Even if I don't get as into the sex as I used to. (Grr, libido, where did you go?)

Please take a look, and if you can't donate, please signal boost!

Originally posted by [personal profile] naamah_darling at post
Bumping again for The Shadow Princess.

We're at about 30% with 15 days left, and while I don't think it's un-doable, it's not looking great for us.  We'd really appreciate whatever you can contribute.  Pick a perk or choose your own amount.

Smooch went to the vet today for a checkup and so they could look at his teeth and eyes.  Eye.

I have never seen a better-behaved cat.  He was utterly calm and cooperative about just about everything, and only squirmed a little when the vet was trying to look in his ears.  Everyone was impressed by his attitude and his majestic bearing.  Yeah.

I'd been worried about him; his breath got especially bad last week, and it smelled like he had a tooth infection, which is why I took him in.  He got an antibiotic shot and some eye drops, and I signed him up for a Banfield plan which means it's paid for itself with bloodwork and the tooth cleaning he will have in two weeks.

Still, I dropped about $130 on him, and while I don't begrudge it, the kitty slush fund is hella depleted now, so donations to the campaign would not be amiss.  Consider helping out, for his hairy, stinky sake.  The Shadow Princess campaign is here.

I'm extraordinarily tired and feel pretty crappy, so I'm going to bail and hope I feel better tomorrow.  I'm sorry, guys, that I've been . . . boring.  Lately.  I realize that I keep making basically the same post, but I keep saying this because I keep feeling rotten about it.  I want there to be more to me than . . . than all this.  I love you all.  Please stay with me.  Y'all are all that's keeping us afloat.

Thank you.  To everyone who has helped, spread the word, or had kind things to say.  Thank you.

One last time, here's the link.  Thank you.

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2014-02-09 03:58 pm

(no subject)

This is from my GF Omi, who I love very dearly, but we can only help so much financially. If we had the money, we would. Also if someone wants to concise-ify for signal boosts, feel free. I don't think I can any more than this. (Also, the medication she is speaking of is psychiatric meds that I get here without a drug test.)

Please take a look at the Indiegogo page, and signal boost if you can!

Originally posted by [personal profile] omimouse at Halp
So. The house. The house is a deathtrap of collapsing floors, rotting studs, leaky ceilings, thick black fuzzy growth, no central heating . . . I could go on in this vein for a while.

The state of West Virginia. We barely missed the official 'do not use' water from the spill. We live in between Huntington and Charleston, the two cities named most miserable in the US by a recent Gallup poll.

The job market. Not capable of supporting us paying rent, which was why we've been living in a place that doesn't have it.

The state of us. Three of us have mental and/or physical issues rendering us incapable of jobs. The local mental health options for the poverty stricken are . . . well, I talked about changing my medication and got told it would mean automatic drug testing first, and then mandatory random drug testing after. That's when I'm listened to.

We are therefore moving our asses out of here, across the country, to Washington state. Why there? Well, for starters, we have Family out there. And friends. And the minimum wage is higher there. And the unemployemnt is lower. And it's liberal. And the area we're looking at has only a slightly higher COL than here. And the water's safe to drink.

Really, it's that last one that drives it home.

This is going to take us shredding every resource we have available. And it's still going to be . . . yeah.


Originally posted by [personal profile] louisadkins at Your Attention, Please?
(X-Posted to Dreamwidth and Facebook)

Ladies and Gentlebeings, I direct those of you at the back of the tent to move closer, so everyone can see the display. We're moving, but we need some help getting there. Please take a moment to read up on it, and contribute if you can. Either way, I would appreciate a signal boost from as many people as possible. Thanks, all!

Click here to go to the fundraiser page.
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2013-11-05 05:51 am

[signal boost] Last Day for Imperial Blood!

I've posted about this before but since it's the last day and they are just a little bit short... and if they don't make it they have to pay essentially a penalty.... please pass along, and let's see if we can't get the rest of the way!

Also, there is one custom pony slot still open, and Naamah's ponies? Are fucking awesome. Don't believe me? Click here. (I will be getting one! AMG SQUEE. SQUEEE.)

Originally posted by [personal profile] naamah_darling at Imperial Blood: only 20 hours left! Last call!
Twenty hours to go on the Imperial Blood campaign. We are at 89%. That's $375 from goal. That's all!

If we sell that last pony slot, we're pretty much there. Home free.

Obviously I would really like to make it. Even two bucks, or five, makes a difference. If we don't make goal, we forfeit about $150 of what we've made, which would be less than ideal.

We also have those little guys for $25. The come already gift boxed to save you the frustration of trying to wrap something so weird.

So give it some thought, eh?

Thank you for everything. For all the boosting -- y'all have done a really outstanding job of it this time -- and thank you for the donations, and the words of support.

I truly, truly think this is one of the best things we've done, and if you are at all kinky, maybe give it a try.

The link, one last time!

We appreciate everything so much.  Cross your fingers.  I still think we can get there.

Someone buy that pony!

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2013-10-08 10:06 pm

[signal boost] Imperial Blood launches at IndieGogo!

Note: Naamah is one of my oldest, dearest friends (and both she and her husband are amazing writers), and if folks would be willing to toss a little into the hat, or simply to signal boost, that would be awesome. 

Originally posted by [personal profile] naamah_darling at Imperial Blood launches at Indiegogo!
It's that time again! And so soon. We must stop meeting like this. People will talk.

The Indiegogo campaign for Imperial Blood, our 9th Adventurotica novel, has launched! We have a little over a month to raise the funds to get us through to January.

This is the vampire novel I was talking about. It's gothic in the literary sense, somewhat lyrical, definitely going to be overwrought, and it's going to be full of kinky stuff. As usual, mostly het, but with M/M and F/F sex too. Yay, fucking!

What's it about?

Lucky you! You can has trailer!

Or you can read this summary:

From his dark palace at the northernmost part of the world, the dread Emperor Acrisius rules over his vast empire. Once every hundred years, he sends for a girl of royal lineage to be brought to his court. None are ever seen again.

When Sibylla is called, she must go, not knowing what will become of her. She fears the summons will mean her death, but she finds herself entangled in the ancient, complex life of the Dark Lord: a man who lives on blood, destroys all he touches, and yearns for a lost love he can never regain. He will seek to make her his in more ways than she can imagine, and if she is to remain herself, she must resist.

Garath, the young knight who loves her, dares everything to follow her into the north, willing to brave darkness, cold, and terror to save her. He falls into the hands of Minaraja, the Emperor's first bride, a creature of deathless cruelty and unending spite. Roused to hunger by his youth and beauty, she seeks to break his spirit with pleasure and terror.

Sibylla and Garath must find their own way through this dark place of intrigue, passion, and death unending.

See what I mean? We wanted it to be a sort of . . . well, here, this is what we said on the campaign page:

"Imperial Blood is a bit of a departure from our usual tales of derring-do and pornified sex. It is going to be a kind of dark fable, intentionally taking all the tropes of the Gothic Romance and turning them inside out while still maintaining the feel and atmosphere. It's going to be serious, kink-heavy, and fantastical. The essential, central idea was 'A Beauty and the Beast story where Beauty becomes the Beast.' It's also a fun chance to p*ss all over Twilight and 50 Shades of Grey. It will feature male-dom and fem-dom BDSM, and while most of it will be het, girls will get it on with girls and guys will get it on with guys. Something for everyone, as long as you're kind of a perv."

Sargon's writing, I'm kink-consulting (Am I qualified for that? Can I get that on a business card?) and helping with sex scenes. I've read the first few chapters and I am definitely liking the tone and the places it's already going. Bad places.

Also! For those of you not so much into porn, vampires, or . . . vampire porn.

I'm offering these glass and wire ornaments in black and silvertone, instead of bookmarks. They're available a la carte, if you don't want us mailing random piles of porn to your place, which is probably understandable if you have unneutered pets who might Get Ideas or something. They're $25, and may I point out they make lovely gifts and it's not too early to think about the coming holidays. Yulepocalypse. Christmas. Or whatever you call it. They even come gift boxed so you don't have to worry about wrapping them!


Yes, I'm offering ponies again! Goth vampire ponies with optional fairy wings. At a slightly lower price this time, but they won't have as many accessories as the steamponies (pics coming), and I'm trying to move two, not just one plus a random drawing (which was fun). They WILL be fabulous. I'm seeing gothy eye makeup, maybe some flowing ribbons and/or fishnets, and possibly some fairy wings because I'd like to do more of those. And there's the NSFW bondage toys version. Yeah. Willing to go there.

So, stop by, or spread the word:

Imperial Blood, it will be awesome.

Now, oh my god, I need to use the sleep!

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2013-07-29 06:27 pm

[signal boost] Ashbet selling BJD dolls to raise money for daughter's medical treatment

[livejournal.com profile] ashbet is trying to raise money for her daughter's heart treatments by selling ball jointed dolls. I know I have some folks on here who are BJD fans!

She is also taking Paypal donations, ashbet@gmail.com (or her donate link at the linked page)
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2013-07-20 12:32 am

[Signal boost] Disabled woman in need of aid for housing

Copying this from a friend of mine. Heather, aka [livejournal.com profile] serawench, aka Divalia for folks who know her from WoW, is a dear friend of mine and in need of help. The following is the post she has made to Tumblr, with my edit for her PayPal address (with permission!) If anybody is able to toss a few bucks her way, or signal boost this further, that would be most helpful. Thank you guys. <3

My name is Heather. I’m 35 and live in Edmonton, AB with my brother and two cats, Rorschach and Helios. We have to move from our current home and almost any place we would like to look at (within our budget) requires $250 per pet, non refundable. This is a problem. I am on disability and my brother is self employed - add to that, we’ve just had TWO second hand cars (one we paid for, one was a gift) break down. We can’t afford an additional $500 to keep our family together. I have a paypal account, but I can set up a crowd funding account if this gets legs. If you have any advice, housing links or any questions, please drop a note in my ask box. [Edit: Heather's Paypal is sera.wench@gmail.com ]

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2013-06-21 08:29 pm

[Signal boost] Fundraiser for a friend's top surgery!

I have a long-time friend, Beans, who I've known for, gods, ten years or more now. Beans is in the process of getting top surgery. Everything is in order, except there's the problem of being a few hundred dollars short for the surgery. This is in the area where even just a little bit could help -- a few bucks here, a few bucks there.

Here is the link to the donation page, please check it out and spread the word! <3
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2013-06-10 05:01 am

[Signal boost] Emergency!

[personal profile] louisadkins, [personal profile] omimouse, and Jade are stranded in a small town in Wyoming on the way back to their home in West Virginia. They headed out from our place Friday, made good time on the trip, but the minivan they are driving started flickering with a oil pressure light and then ... pretty much died on the road. They have been able to get AAA to take them to a hotel and the vehicle to a mechanic's shop, but... the sounds the vehicle was making lead them to believe it's an engine failure.

Which is $$$$. Which they don't have, and they have no way of getting back home otherwise. Louis's paypal is louis.adkins@hotmail.com and anything anyone can spare, bumping the word, passing this around, is much appreciated as time is something they don't have (due to cost of hotels, food, etc).

TY guys so much.
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2013-05-31 01:03 pm

[Signal boost] Update on fundraising for computer for disabled friend

If you did not see, I posted yesterday about fundraising for a friend of mine who is disabled, lives in SF on way too little money, and is in need of a new computer because his went toes-up. A very lovely person is donating her older iBook, but we are still looking to get a NEW computer, or a refurb, since as well as writing, Robert does graphics work (and hey, being able to play games would be nice too).

We are at $300 and don't need a whole lot more before we bump into the range of GOOD computers/refurbs. Every little bit helps, but if you are unable to donate, can you please signal boost? TY so much. <3
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2013-05-30 07:40 am

[Signal boost] Fundraiser help needed!

So, a friend of mine is in a really bad spot. [livejournal.com profile] robertsloan2 is living in San Francisco in a residence hotel on $750 a month disability. His rent is $600. (Or something like this. My details may be off but it is ridiculous.) While he gets food stamps, this puts him in a place where he cannot afford anything beyond bare necessities, and sometimes not even that.

Robert's computer died this morning. We are looking at donating our working laptop, but it is six years old, and I'm not sure how much time it has left. The Internet is Robert's support network and more than that, his livelihood, as he is a writer and looking to self-publish. Without a working computer, he can't do any of this.

Because of complications with Social Security counting any money that Robert receives through his paypal as income (and will thus take it out of his disability checks), I will be acting as guardian for the collected funds and will arrange to have the laptop purchased and sent to him, and will make sure that he receives any funds leftover. My paypal is mistressnonny@gmail.com.

Every little bit helps. Please pass this around! Thank you guys! :)

(And if someone else wants to write a more concise version, please go right ahead. I am not so great at doing that, LOL.)
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2013-02-05 07:02 am

[signal boost] Update on Buddy! Also, kitties still in need of help!

A couple weeks back, I posted a signal boost for Paul and his cat Buddy. The simplified version, for those who missed it: Buddy is one of our former household kitties, who has anxiety issues related to using the litter box. He is Paul's service animal, and provides a great deal of support and aid for him, but his inability to use the litter box was putting his housing at risk. (I understand that now the situation has been explained, Paul's roommates are much more sympathetic and giving time for it to get sorted out.)

Anyway, I thought folks that signal boosted or donated might want an update. Paul was able to take Buddy in to the vet yesterday, and they did an exam and several tests. It turns out the poor kitty has a UTI as well as worms -- neither of which can be helping the poor thing! The vet prescribed antibiotics and treatment for the worms. The vet also prescribed amitryptiline for the anxiety.

Fortunately, Buddy apparently takes pills like a champ! Yay!

However, the tapeworms means that Buddy's sister Rowan will need to see the vet as well. This means more vet visits, fees, and medication. Our vet is awesome and was able to help out with aid programs they are part of, but unfortunately, vet bills add up. Getting Rowan treated as well is going to be even more expense, especially since Buddy may need further vet visits if this medication doesn't work. Plus, the vet is going to want to see him back again to make sure the UTI is gone.

Again, Paul's PayPal is p.a.pierce@gmail.com if you are able to donate. (And if you are not, a signal boost would be appreciated! TY all so much for everything you have done! <3)

Short version for easier copypasta:

Thanks to y'all being awesome, Paul has been able to take his service kitty Buddy to a vet to get his anxiety treated. However, the vet found other issues. Buddy has a UTI that is being treated, but he also has tapeworms -- which means his sister Rowan needs to get treated too. It also means that Buddy will need future visits to ensure the UTI is fully gone. Paul is in the process of applying for disability and has effectively $197/mo to live on. If anyone is able to chip in a buck or five or ten, anything helps. His PayPal is p.a.pierce@gmail.com. Please boost the signal if you can! Thank you all! Every little bit helps. <3
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2013-01-16 07:48 pm

[signal boost] Simplified version of the Catsignal, thanks to Subluxate

This is Ash, better known as Buddy, being held by [personal profile] elialshadowpine. Buddy is an anxious cat who has panic attacks. One of his triggers is the litter box. He can't use them. Therefore, he urinates and defecates elsewhere. This is creating problems, as can be expected, in his person's living situation. His person, Paul, lives on $200 a month in an apartment with two other people. Buddy is Paul's service animal; he's done things like bring Paul his bag of medication. Buddy is also tightly bonded to his sister, Girlie, and they cannot be separated. Paul can't afford to take Buddy to a vet, get him diagnosed as anxious, and started on medication to try to work on the litterbox issue without help. Because of his income, he doesn't qualify for Care Credit, and most vets don't do payment plans. If you can donate, Paul's PayPal account is p.a.pierce@gmail.com. If you want more information on the situation, [personal profile] elialshadowpine has a post about it.
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2012-11-29 01:31 am

Signal Boost: Kittehs! in Seattle!

Okay, so I'm copy-pasting this from my friend [livejournal.com profile] naamah_darling's LJ as I don't have the spoons to write up a post of my own. For those wondering and may remember, yes, the Grace in question is my ex... and what she's going through, no person should ever have to. We are fostering her other two kitties, Duke and Toaster, but there is no way we could take 4 with the number of cats we already have.

If anybody is able to foster or knows people that might be willing or can please get the word out... please, please, please do so. I know these cats, and they are very sweet, affectionate kitties.

Okey-dokey. Here's the deal.

My friend Grace (aka snowcoma) still desperately needs to find a long-term fosterer for her kitties. Their names are Little Owl and Edward-Cat. They are in Seattle.

Grace is in about the worst place a person can be in. She's currently homeless, and while she has a temporary place to stay while she gets back on her feet, her cats are being boarded -- extremely temporarily -- at a vet's office.

If nobody can take them, they'll go to the shelter. We all know how overloaded shelters everywhere are. We all know what happens to adult cats in shelters. I don't like putting it like that, but . . . yes. At the very least, they would be adopted by gods-know-who and she would never see them again. That's unacceptable to me. No. That's just unthinkable.

Grace . . . Grace is extremely bipolar, like me, and like me, she relies on her cats for emotional support. Being separated from them is bad enough. The prospect of having them put down and losing them forever just because life is shitty and crazy is shittier is absolutely horrific. Like, I've had nightmares about it level horrific.

These cats come with character references out the wazoo. Neutered, shots, etc. Get along together just fine. Basically, perfect cats.

Guys. That face.

What we need:

Help finding them a foster home, long-term would be best, but at this point, we are just trying to keep them out of kill shelters. Local to Seattle-ish would be best, but if necessary, maybe we could get them driven out somewhere else. Maybe folks could help arrange transport. Grace can be reached at: 503-568-6660. She keeps odd hours, so don't hesitate to leave voicemail.


Donations to help keep them boarded at the vet's. It's about $28 a day for both of them. If you can donate to this, please contact ashbet. Her email address is ashbet@gmail.com. Ashbet is an amazing person, by the way, and is why they are currently in a vet's being boarded, not in a shelter. So, thank you, babe.

I've posted about this before trying to get them a permanent place to stay, and the best we've got so far is this (very much appreciated) temporary boarding deal. We really need to make this happen. Mostly I just throw the cat halp stuff up here and say "f-list, f-list, do as you will." This time, we need to make the magic happen. I need signal boosts on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Livejournal, and anywhere else you can boost it. I need a fucking miracle, Internet. I'm not just trying to help a friend, I'm trying to help keep a fellow lycanthrope from losing her heart, when she has lost just about everything else a person can lose.

Nobody deserves this. Nobody. Can we please make the world just this one tiny bit less cruel?

Here's the link again. Please spread it around.

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2012-08-19 04:47 am

[unfiltered] Signal Boost: Pe'sla

Summary: Several Native American tribes are in danger of losing sacred land, as the owner of the land who has let them use it for ceremonies is now selling it. The South Dakota gov't has expressed that they intend to buy the land, and tear it down to build a highway and development projects through it. They are trying to raise money to buy at least part of the land back. Which, as the land was originally theirs, is fucking sickening.

Please check it out.