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I've posted about this before but since it's the last day and they are just a little bit short... and if they don't make it they have to pay essentially a penalty.... please pass along, and let's see if we can't get the rest of the way!

Also, there is one custom pony slot still open, and Naamah's ponies? Are fucking awesome. Don't believe me? Click here. (I will be getting one! AMG SQUEE. SQUEEE.)

Originally posted by [personal profile] naamah_darling at Imperial Blood: only 20 hours left! Last call!
Twenty hours to go on the Imperial Blood campaign. We are at 89%. That's $375 from goal. That's all!

If we sell that last pony slot, we're pretty much there. Home free.

Obviously I would really like to make it. Even two bucks, or five, makes a difference. If we don't make goal, we forfeit about $150 of what we've made, which would be less than ideal.

We also have those little guys for $25. The come already gift boxed to save you the frustration of trying to wrap something so weird.

So give it some thought, eh?

Thank you for everything. For all the boosting -- y'all have done a really outstanding job of it this time -- and thank you for the donations, and the words of support.

I truly, truly think this is one of the best things we've done, and if you are at all kinky, maybe give it a try.

The link, one last time!

We appreciate everything so much.  Cross your fingers.  I still think we can get there.

Someone buy that pony!

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