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The short version for signal boosts:

Emma, a trans woman I would describe as an adorable pink-haired geeky queer music nerd, best served with tea, is in desperate need of housing. She just lost her chance out of her abusive family's home. She needs a temporary home, 3-6mo, and while rent-free would be awesome, she can offer $250/mo rent. She is in Western Washington (Seattle-Olympia), and the clock is ticking. Due to our rental agreement, we can't have her past the end of March. If there are any folks in Western Washington who would have space for a lovely trans woman and her computer, please contact epeternally@gmail.com. Signal boosts welcome and requested.

The long version:

A very good friend of mine, Emma, came to visit us, originally to clear out the storage unit her parents have been paying for in order to pack and mail her stuff back east. Her home life is abusive, and her gf whom she was hoping to move in with broke up with her over IM a few days ago. That gf was her hope of moving out of her abusive family's home, and that's now gone. Going back to her family would possibly kill her.

About Emma: An adorable pink-haired geeky queer polyamorous music nerd and gamer girl abuse survivor with chronic pain and mental illness, best served with tea.

She used to live in the WA area, and has supportive trans friends here, but so far the best offer has been a $500/mo room, and she's disabled. She *maybe* could work but it would be iffy at best, and she doesn't trust that her pain condition would allow her to maintain reliable attendance. So, she's looking for other options.

Her ex-gf is offering to pay her $250/mo for living expenses. Needless to say, this is not enough to afford housing. She doesn't have much time, because due to our rental situation, we can't have her here past the end of the month. I am located in Olympia, WA, but anywhere in Western WA would be good. A friend of a friend who is a trans activist in the area (Lonness, who runs a house for trans people in bad situations, except their housing is full atm) suggested getting involved in the local trans groups, but we don't really have time for that, esp if they are in-person groups.

Emma does not have an official diagnosis for her chronic pain condition, so applying for SSI would not help right now. We're hoping to be able to get her on state disability, medical, and food stamps (which is just under $200 for the disability stipend, and just under $200 for food stamps, on top of what her ex is giving), so she can seek out a diagnosis and then either get treatment that helps, or apply for SSI disability if it doesn't. She would not be requiring anyone to pay her way as far as food and living expenses; also, she is willing to help out with household chores, with the caveat of bad pain days. She just needs a place to sleep and set up her computer, in a trans friendly environment.

So, my question: Is there anybody who would be willing to take in a trans woman in a nasty situation? Or, does anyone know of someone who would? Ideally, rent-free would be best, but she is willing to pay the $250 for rent. Once she is on state disability (which is significantly easier to get than SSI), her income would be just under $200, but if that is an issue I can cover the extra $53.

This is not an indefinite situation; she needs somewhere between 3-6mo for Lonness and her network (and for Emma to network herself with the trans community) to find her another option. But as we cannot have her here past the end of the month, this needs to happen soon. Any options? Please feel free to re-post this in any relevant communities, Twitter, Facebook, LiveJournal, wherever you think you would reach possible people to help.

Emma's email: epeternally@gmail.com


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