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[personal profile] mermaiden and her partner are looking to get legally married, as it's just recently passed in NY. They need help in order to do it in time. They have art and jewelery available for purchase, as well as ebooks, and if you donate via paypal, they'll provide a free book of your choice, regardless of how much you donate. If you're not able to, pass the word!

Considering all the disasters I end up signal boosting for, it's nice to be boosting something happy for once. :)
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Boosting the signal, as this is Lacey's cousin, and she just heard about this today.... If anyone knows anything, you know what to do, and boost signals further if you feel it might help.

PONCHATOULA - Police are asking for your help in looking for 27-year-old Kristie Woods.

Kristie hasn't been seen or heard from in about two weeks. People close to her say this behavior isn't typical of Kristie.

Her last known address is 20395 Esterbrook Rd.

She is about 5'5", around 135 lbs., has hazel eyes and brown hair.

She also has a tattoo of her name on one of her legs and stars tattooed on her feet.

Anyone with information on Kristie Woods' whereabouts should contact Detective Dale Athmann at (985)902-2088.

Kristie Woods has been missing since July 16th! She is from Ponchatoula, Louisiana. She is 27 years old, Born Oct. 27, 1984. She has dark brown eyes, and dark brown hair. She has a tattoo on her upper right arm. She was last seen driving a silver Jeep Cherokee.


Please pass this around if you can!
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Some of y'all may have heard about this, but Leslie Esdaile (well-known in romance and sf/f as LA Banks) is very ill with adrenal cancer. I don't know whether or not she is insured, but costs are becoming astronomical. Folks have put together a benefit auction to raise money for her medical treatment. If you're able, check out what's available, and if you can't, please consider boosting the signal. Leslie is an amazing writer, and from all accounts, a wonderful person, so please pass this along!


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